80’s Illuminati Card Game Predicted 9/11, Chemtrails, HAARP, Fukushima 20 Years before They Happened

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  1. Wade says:

    You conspiracy theorists have been spouting this rubbish for a long time and no NWO is appearing. You will continue to believe this ridiculous stuff but it will never really eventuate

    • Wazza says:

      Wade, they may not appear right in your face, but look at the condition of the world. Look what is happening politically how slowly human rights are being taken away. Compare today and 20 years ago and the amount of freedom you and I have lost, in exchange for other people financial gain.

      Not looking to start a fight, but it is so easy to take a step back, open your mind and just look at the world. Then you will start question everything.

    • Patricia says:

      No new world order has appeared? Perhaps you should consider the United Nations. Take a look at how it has changed since it’s inception.

      • Laurel says:

        Yes Patricia it has been done it’s noticeable it’s seeble just dig a little deeper… Inbox me and you will see the truth Our Heavenly Father Jesus Christ has warned us about it.. Revelation is the end times hun.. We all just need to be Spiritually strong about it

  2. vserver says:

    I blog quite often and I genuinely thank you for your content. The article has truly peaked my interest. I’m going to take a note of your blog and keep checking for new details about once per week. I subscribed to your Feed too.

  3. Charles Isaac says:

    I stumbled upon this as I was reading your article about the staged Sandy Hook massacre and I am not really sure what to think of it. I don’t think its possible for someone to so accurately predict events 20 years prior to their occurrence, but to think that the Illuminati agenda was so openly put in front of us, yet gone practically unnoticed, is also quite strange. I must say that I really enjoyed reading both these posts and I have bookmarked your page so that at a later time, I may come around to read more. 20 years ago, conspiracy theories were…well, just theories, and believing in them classified you as delusional. Today, however, with the massive amount of information so readily available on the internet, and people like you working hard to uncover the truth, it is easy to believe that they are not conspiracies anymore, but in fact the reality. I just wish people weren’t so brainwashed already so that they could at least look at these things with an open mind, but alas, the proclaimed freest nation in the world, is really just a bunch of mindless zombies banging their heads into the wall and fulfilling the agendas of powerful and great authorities with intentions that go beyond the wildest of our imaginations.

  4. Dr. Codini says:

    The Yeti spawn knows that his foes are the Joe Sixpacks who WANT to be told what to do, WANT to be ordered around!
    They have NO Nental Ife!
    And they live only to WORK and DIE and STEAL YOUR SLACK!

  5. gwg says:

    “that decades ago would not perhaps of (sic) been obvious things to use”. Yeah, they were. None of those are new ideas, or at least have been around since the beginning of the cold war. Oh, and learn english. “of been” is never correct.

  6. Josh Leaming says:

    It’s because the game is made in 1995 and the towers and pentagon was a 2005 expansion pack and they had another expansion pack in 2012 called Bavarian illuminates pack, this game was not released in the 1980s and most the 9/11 cards in it were again an expansion pack in 2005 but all the rumors are great for sales(that’s why I bought them)

    • Josh Leaming says:

      Cmon I mean did you even research the actual dates and releases of the individual cards, just because he had the concept of the game in the 80s doesn’t mean all the cards were created from the 95’05’and2012′ cards were all made in the 80s but hey just do minimal research so you can inform and scare the public even more! You are a good reporter and fit right in this time and period!

    • Josh Leaming says:

      Also what’s up with all the people replying that comment about brainwashed people and zombies yet they just take this article and believe it at the drop of a hat without even doing a little bit of research! You can’t always just wiki search and done(that’s hive mind mentality) go research the cards for themselves, now there was an earlier German illuminati card game that was released by Jackson but has none of the cards shown above in the 80s

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