9 Ways to Stop Cooperating with the Ruling Elite’s Control System

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2 Responses

  1. Sadeiv prassana says:

    Root of all problem is currency that can be steal hide handover deposited made fake that can purchase and sale all that is exist. All kinds of ligal and illegal transections are based on this currency that forcing all to acquired more and more through all criminal ways.
    We must unitedly bring force government to abolished any form of currency and to supply all amenities free equly to all as reword of compalsory manpower shared by all people between age of 16 to 60.
    We will have to united against cruel politicians and political system to replaced with selected track holder social reformers.

  2. djimnaroum baboye maxime says:

    that’s exactly what to do to beat the actual criminal ruling new world order: boycotting their ogm, their on-going vaccination program, refuse to join police and army

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