9/11 Commissioner Admits Missile Hit The Pentagon! (VIDEO)

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  1. Jason Childress says:

    A Freudian slip is a verbal or memory mistake that is believed to be linked to the unconscious mind

  2. Yeah… Because MISSILE is just so close to saying he stood and watched a plane. I stand at the airport all day and say. Man look at all those missiles with people on them. Wonder where all those missiles in the sky are heading for spring break. LMFAO Over analyse… Give me a break.

  3. Jason Childress says:

    Maybe, you are not analyzing enough…

  4. Greg A Mays says:

    maybe it wasnt a mistake at all he didnt seem like he lost a beat maybe he was saying missile plane as in the plane was used as a missile

    • HOLY†NAVINCI says:

      Stop being naive you numb retard and wake up, the gov doesn’t love you or your family brobro

    • I agree Greg – and will come in for the same crap insults from those who think everyone who disagrees is a numb retard! So much for the land of the free (speech being among the freedoms)

  5. Gabriele Sasina says:

    the truth clings to the top

  6. George M S Alejo says:

    Take times to remember that the families of the victims never received a proper investigation into the murder of their loved ones. The perpetrators of this lie are not in jail and have never been arrested for their crimes.

  7. ItTakesAVilage says:

    Get a life you idiots! A rock is a missile, a bullet is a missile, a car can be a missile, a knife can be a missile, and yes, an airplane can be a missile. Hey shouldn’t your welfare checks be arriving today? Get of your aXX and go see.

  8. Did you see the size of that hole in the Pentagon and all them plane pieces and body parts of passengers, little girls heads bouncing to and fro!

  9. Yes and was painted to look like a passenger flight…

    • Expired Miami Fan 7/11/14 1:15 says:

      You’ve seen a picture of the actual plane, because to my knowledge, there is no image? …nice try though.

  10. marlio says:

    We know a missile hit the pentagon; we’re not stupid and we know wtc was pre-wired with bombs containing thermite, a steel agent, on all the floors, before the attack. what we saw hit the Wtc was a hologram. The black boxes were never found or the cock pits. This is all s plan by the Bilderberg group to destroy America and provide an excuse to invade Iraq!! Everything Obama does is preplanned by bolder ether. Their plans will come to naught soon!

  11. cecil82 says:


  12. I don’t agree with bombs under the plane.. I am still trying to figure out how terrorists with box cutters, defied the laws of physics by getting the aluminum (mostly hollow) planes to cut through multiple stories of steel and concrete, when birds can destroy them in flight.

    • a_view_from_street_level says:

      when you are flying at speeds of 300 mph a piece of straw can go through a 12 in telephone pole . I have seen that in the midwest after a cyclone so take a plane and hit a building that was not built to withstand that kind of force sideways and as for the wings if you idiot knew anything about these new planes you would know that the wings are only held on to the fuselage by 2 bolt that shear off upon impackso they would buckle back like on a hinge and then the fuel in the wings would explode and cause the damage ergo no wings through the buildings

  13. j4ckl3 says:

    aaand nobody cares. Fox news will continue to remind us it is all Obama’s fault and we hate america. Just puts some more blonde’s up on their channel reminding us.

  14. a_view_from_street_level says:

    so if it was a cruise missile as some say what happened to the plane? and ll the people on board. they just magically disappeared in to the either or are the conspirators at it again. to bad they can’t turn the people who witnessed it into a blob so they forget what they say they saw. too many people saw it happen to say it was a cruise missile and where did the missile come from? Kansas

  15. a_view_from_street_level says:

    or maybe you need to have your head examined

  16. Robert J. Muir says:

    well they cleaned up the wreckage remarkably quick, planes don’t just instantly disintegrate, plus how would a plane hit the Pentagon? It would have had to fly at a 75 degree angle to hit where it did, and wouldn’t just instantly vaporize, if they had enough firepower to take out two massive buildings, why only throw a small plane at the Pentagon? Think about it.

  17. pookieamos says:

    Ask yourself this. Why are six of the named hijackers actually ALIVE ?

  18. Michael Smith says:

    For anyone who believes that jet fuel caused those buildings to go down the way they did do yourself a favor, seriously, and look into the temperatures jet fuel burns at and compare that to the temperatures required to melt steel. You will know from that one set of facts alone that the official version of what happened is bull sit. Just because some of us are paying enough attention to declare conspiracy, you calling it a conspiracy theory doesn’t negate what we’re saying. Remember, they said the same thing about JFK and nowadays no one believes one guy who was a mediocre shot at best acted alone in Dallas. NO ONE DOES!

  19. Dmhalix says:

    anyone remember when not to long after this went down, there was a report on the news about one of the northern states passing a referendum to put the Secession question on the upcoming ballot ? was maybe a few weeks after 9-11 ……….. i remember seeing it on the news but never hearing anything about it again at the time, cant remember which state it was

  20. Jon Turner says:

    My god they’ve got you hook, line and sinker. To even think the US government had anything to do with the events of 911 must challenge your beliefs to the maximum. They are mere puppets, and you’re another ‘sucker’ who believes the crap they come out with. Anyone with an ounce of intelligence knows something is VERY wrong with their ‘official report’, and it’s a fucking disgrace….but you just keep believing they’ve got your best interests at heart and bury that head of yours in the sand. The truth will eventually come out, and they should be punished for their disgraceful acts of mass slaughter.

  21. carl giesse says:

    Better yet, where did it go after it hit?

  22. Joe Gumba says:

    A commercial aircraft would have had to descend thousands of feet while turning at a 320 degree angle to hit perfectly in the vertical face 15FT off the ground on the northwest side of the building from the original heading direction of the aircraft per the “official” report. That is frankly more unbelievable than a missile hitting the building by a person on the ground via a laser targeting system.

  23. Zach says:

    And out of all this, youtube also cuts the connection. I wonder how much they got paid to

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