America Could End Homelessness In One Year By Doing This

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  1. Rune says:

    A really nice way of building houses!
    But the problem with homelessness in America is not the lack of houses. In our nordic countries, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland, we have almost none homeless people. My country Norway is a richer country than USA, but other nordic countries are poorer. The big difference is that we have another political system where people have rights. If the voters of America voted for politicians that gave people higher salaries, shorter work hours, more workers rights, protection against getting fired, free health care for all, free education for all and a generous welfare system, things would have changed quickly. In the nordic countries (and in many other countries in Europe), we have all that. We have problems, yes for sure, but they are nothing compared to America.

    Here in Norway a person can for example work at McDonalds and still have a good economy. Not rich, but have everything. If you get sick, you’ll still get paid. Women and men get paid to stay at home to care for their children. We get paid 5 weaks of holiday each year. It is nearly not possible to get homeless just like that as in America.

    USA is a rich country, but some are taking all your money and leaving the rest of you in poverty.

    Is it right that innocent children have to pay the rest of their lives because their parents could not provide them with college funds? No, of course not. That is why education must be free, so that every child can have the same opportunities in life regardless if their parents are rich or poor.

    Sweden and USA have almost the same GDP per capita. Sweden is a paradise in comparison, in many ways. You will find some few homeless people in the swedish capital Stockholm (most drug addicted), but in the rest of the country it is more or less a non-existing problem. I have never been in America, but I have seen on TV all the problems you have which is unheard of here in Norway and Sweden.

    I have a feeling that people in the USA do not understand what is possible and not possible. Things that is for sure possible everywhere else seems unpossible in USA, for example a free health care system.

    Americans have so little freedom, but is told to believe that you live in the most free country. We in northern Europe have extremely more freedom in most cases, but americans do not know that. You do not have a free media to tell you that either.

    Here in Scandinavia it is common to think americans are brainwashed with propaganda, and that is why you can give all your freedom and rights away to make some few people wery rich. I think that myself. For example, if there are something wrong in America, in your news, in blogs, whereever, absolutely nobody questions “WHY is it like that?” Nobody. Here it is the first question allways. “Why, and is it right that it is like that. Who is the responsiple politi”, we say. In America you say “oh, poor you, we have to help you” (in general). People do help each other way more in America than here, I believe from what I have heard.

    It is so much positive things happening in America, and in a lot of areas you are doing better than here, but your political system is dragging you all down in a mud. I want to visit some day, especially the inland countryside and smalltowns, but it is a looong journey overseas.

    The plastic bottle house is actually a good idea here in Norway. Many can not afford buying a flat or a house due to extremely high prices. I was actually considering a wood log house myself (the same principle as the plastic bottle house), but luckily I got a loan for a small and unfinished apartement.

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