Bill Gates Openly Admits Support For “Death Panels” And Depopulation

In this RT report, Bill Gates is filmed on several occasions expressing his support for eugenics and global depopulation. The supposed philanthropist, who recently funded a project to turn human waste into drinking water, has made no secret of the fact he wants to reduce the world’s population.

“The world today has 6.8 billion people,” Gates declares on footage from the early noughties. “That’s headed up to about 9 billion. Now, if we do a really great job, we can lower that by perhaps 10 or 15%.” In another interview, he says of developing communities: “There are benefits there in terms of reducing the population growth.” Gates also expresses support for “death panels” where authorities decide who gets to live or die rather than use any taxpayer money to save them.

The ‘philanthropist’ has also funded sterilization programs, and says we should differentiate between those who are worthy of life and those who “have no benefit whatsoever” to society. This cold, rational skewed ‘logic’ is terrifying.

Gates, who has $23m of shares in Monsanto, is responsible for widespread vaccination programs which have been linked to the Ebola outbreak. GMOs and vaccinations have both been linked to human illness and death, even though Big Pharma and Big Ag continue to ignore certain undeniable correlations.

Let’s ask ourselves this: If Gates is focused on his goal of reducing the number of people on our planet, why would he then fund vaccination programs to save lives? None of this makes any sense, unless the vaccinations are not meant to save lives at all.

Below: Quote from GMO executive, from RT news video above



via: True Activist

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6 Responses

  1. Matt says:

    Why was this video at the start cut to remove the statement about ‘doing a really great job WITH VACCINES AND HEALTHCARE we could lower that by 10 maybe 15??????

  2. univesal liason says:

    This can’t be real. Bill Gates can not be that lazy that he would rather judge and kill people than do the l work to right this country and provide for all her people. I know this is a joke.

  3. Soudio says:

    So, how old is Gates?

  4. In the opening TED talk statement, why’d they edit out the part where Gates says “If we do a really great job with VACCINES, etc etc” ?

  5. Siggi Ola says:

    Well compare to what Bill Gates vaccine has done to many people in Asia, and him saying the world is over poppulated. No it aint, it just has shit louds of problems because of leaders. GMO aint no excuess to use, to spray over food. The world has problems with illnesses. And im wondering how many of them are because of human living.

    Our wated supply in stores have shit in them, our seas are filled up with oil and plastic and not forget the nuclear leak in Japan.
    All of our proplems are because of us, from what we want, but not what we need. Rich, wanting to get richer, and more control of there slaves. our “healthy” food sprayed with toxic. Want us to sick, so big pharma can “cure” us. Keep us away from the truth. Ban Cannabis. make sure healthy food or expensive. And so on… I can go on. But it all leads up to the top, and that we are the reflection of our system. Oil, Gold, resources, money, controlling us with paper made out of thin air, while the makes sure they have the bars hidden. Ask your selfs, why does history repeat it self ?

    We have been led on a wrong path with a fals leaders. Shame! All just fun and games for them.

    • Candace says:

      @ Siggi Ola you couldn’t of explained it any better cause what you said here is exactly how it is. It’s the Sad and yet Real Truth of how and why things are the ways that they are.

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