BOSTON BOMBING: Naomi Wolf Exposes Fake News/False Flags

Here is Naomi Wolf explaining how theatrical news events are fabricated by the nefarious Intelligence agencies.  One she talks about is the “Boston Bombing”.

Another candidate is the Canadian Rambo event in Moncton.  The hyperfascist congenitally lying  RCMP paramilitary/Intelligence terrorist cult – which happens to be also the Moncton city “police” – obviously should be under investigatation for this one.

You can bet if the sadistic Disneyfied Mounties were not the city police, Moncton would not have been terrorized by this event.

Watch the revealing video below:

video via: xrayultra.

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  1. John Jorgensen says:

    Well spoken .

  2. Angel Conde says:

    i like her

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