British PM Theresa May: Pedophiles Should be Allowed to Adopt Children Too

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2 Responses

  1. Rick says:

    I wonder what or who is behind that.

  2. CelticCat2015 says:

    Preventing pedophiles to adopt children is a “breach of their human rights”?! And blocking sex offenders from working with children is “unfair”??!!

    I guess the children aren’t important anymore because this can of worms certainly opens up a plethora of dangers to them. But that’s okay. Just as soon as child murder numbers INCREASE, there’ll be politicians coming out of the woodwork, claiming that this was a bad move on May’s part and clamoring for more stringent restrictions on the pedophiles and sex offenders.

    Of course, this won’t help the children who were raped, brutalized and even murdered because of May’s granting PEDOPHILES AND SEX OFFENDERS THE RIGHT TO SPEND TIME WITH CHILDREN. But, hey, they’re just kids, right? And people can always make more, right?

    To even ENTERTAIN the IDEA of allowing pedophiles and sex offenders a better chance at getting their hands on children is LUNACY!

    But this is what politicians do: they make a law to either GAIN VOTES or RECEIVE A KICKBACK from certain lobbyists or to promote their political agenda of RUINING THEIR COUNTRY IN ORDER TO MAKE WAY FOR THE NWO. Then, after their goal has been reached, they change the law a few years later…and then change it back a few years later…and then change it back again a few years later…and so on. This is just a political GAME to THEM.

    To allow pedophiles and sex offenders even MORE access to children is INSANITY!

    Obviously, the inmates are running the asylum.

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