China Poised To DEMAND U.S. LAND As Payment For U.S. Debt

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  1. DaCoachK says:

    I say we give them the blue states, starting with California, Massachusetts, New York, Illinois. The other blue states are able to be rehabilitated.

    • cold340t says:

      Yah,You Red states pay in less then they receive……….. Tax dollars that is! Your post is simple takers’ attitude towards those Blue States that subsidize you Reds states! Working full-time for Walmart/Waffle House and still on Welfare! Yes, we in the Blue States would welcome not having to support you Red staters’ going forward. The taxes we saved would go along way towards “rehabbing” our decrepit infrastructure don’t you think!?! 🙂 Ah, the demise of that great Red state sucking sound on OUR Blue state Economies! I feel the rehab as I type!
      Better learn Mandarin, cause’ it’s you Reds’ that will be owned by China.

      • DaCoachK says:

        Blah, blah, blah with the propaganda. The problem with my solution is the Chinese would give you people back. They don’t want illegal Mexicans and queers either.

        • cold340t says:

          I hope your in one of those states that is outlawing “hoodies”! Because it’s seems to be keeping you from thinking clearly when you post while wearing one. I can’t understand what you are trying to say 🙂
          You are “queer”? I that your message? Who is “they”? Didn’t realize Mid-America was ALL Mexican? Wow! And you are from?

          • DaCoachK says:

            I’ll say it real slow for you. If we did sell the BLUE states to China, they, the Chinese, would give them back because they, the BLUE states, are filled with homosexuals and illegal Mexicans. And the Chinese do not want either group.

      • Èrebus Àshlar says:

        Sounds to me you want a Civil war again. 😀 the south may have lost last time but they learned from last time. bet you dont win twice 😀 but no worries soon china will own the whole us. and your masters will be over seas as will your jobs United we stand divided we fall.

        • cold340t says:

          Yep, You People lost! Fact, get over it! I know it’s not fair you get back $2 for every $1 you send in tax money to Feds. So, enjoy your welfare status. Your Revolution is fully subsidized!
          Rmoney & Co. are the ones offshoring jobs. You know GOP/Teapotty Leaders!

          • Èrebus Àshlar says:

            Lmao. you seem to know nothing of the war if you think the south was poor and is poor now.

          • cold340t says:

            No the South was “rich” because they had almost no payrolls to meet. Aside from the Overseer and the Slave catchers that is. Its easy to make money when LABOR is FREE! “Southern Pride” sure showed them lazy Slaves how to work to death. Be Proud Southern Man/Women! Since things haven’t changed much, $2 from North for every $1 you put in to the TAX bucket. Be Proud!

          • Èrebus Àshlar says:

            Yawn check your ass . like your Opion every one has one but yours is extra runny

          • cold340t says:

            You have had too many “mint julips”while the Slaves were working. Being drunk only makes it seem like you did the work. You so funny!

        • Stormin' Norman says:

          So your answer to China taking our land is to instigate another internal Civil War between Americans? The last time the south lost was because they were staunch proponents of the democratic party, being more government dependent (in terms of laws), depending on cash crop, and paying less tariffs than the North. After their “loss” the south gained a lot from the North rebuilding it, making it Republican, and industrialized.

          Democraps have proven themselves to be the lowest swine in the political spectrum for a while now. The whole blue state/red state trend is yet another made up ploy to give the idiots in the south the idea that they weren’t at all a base for the liberal democrats for over half a century, and to give the northerners the idea that all their money now belongs to the democrapic party. Worst yet, they have seemingly been able to blame their opponents for the things they have done and have taken credit the successes their opponents have made.

          They all do it so we don’t know our real history and proceed on with their new revised history. Now thanks to the Republicans leads lowering themselves downward since Nixon, both parties are leaning in on it.

  2. Tim Tucker says:

    Give them the red states, especially those deep south Bible thumpers that have set our country back with their biblical babble since the inception of the Union. Goddamn teapubs have no grasp on what it take to be an american. It takes more than beer, guns and a 3rd grade education.

    • ActaNonVerba says:

      ” teapubs have no grasp on what it take to be an american. It takes more than beer, guns and a 3rd grade education. ”
      Hahaha. Talk about being a hypocrite…..typical.

      ” it takes to be an American .”- You’re welcome.

      If the crap ever hits the fan what, you think you’ll be able to talk your way out of it? Non-cognitive think much? We’re yalls last hope, but then again I like the idea of given them the jackass states.

  3. teeip says:

    When the US railways infrstructure was built by Chinese workers long ago, the contributing Chinese were not even granted permits PR or citizenship in US despite the hard labour to enhance US economy.How to obtain a landmass in the middle of US?
    China honored the contract to give up Hong Kong to the British and Macao to Portuguese. for 100 years although it was signed by Manchurian rulers.

  4. BendCris says:

    This is all irrelevant…We are headed for something far more grand than land ownership on planet earth. Just make sure you have lots of popcorn and sit back and watch the show unfold.

  5. Om Prakash Sharma says:

    It would be another catastrophy after Hiroshima and Nagasaki

  6. claude1864 says:

    If this happens we the people will start shooting chinese!

  7. Paul M says:

    Why are you posting a 3 year old story (that never happened) as current news?

    • Some articles here are posted from other websites, and we are mentioning
      that (not post it as current news). We are posting it as info (archive)
      for people who are interested to know.

  8. Jason Bentvelzen says:

    China lost bad during the crash and want something more. They mention a guarantee. I get that. Everyone lost big during the crash. I don’t think we should keep on this boom and bust cycle. I’d prefer a have a steady, well regulated economy. You cant cut up regulations and expect not to get in trouble. It kills everyone when America falls.

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