Complete List of BANKS Owned/Controlled by the Rothschild Family

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  1. Wizard6x9 says:

    You got it a little wrong, The Bank of Canada is not owned by the Roth child’s, but Canada, in the 70’s she gave up the right to create wealth to the other Private Chartered Banks, now COMER vs. The Bank of Canada is at the Supreme Court level to reverse this illegal action by Canada

  2. rhodie110961 says:

    The bank of England is not owned by the Rothschilds

    • Silence Calmed says:

      You need to check again! The jews own england for over 300 years.

      • rhodie110961 says:

        The Bank of England was nationalised in 1946. Nobody else owns it

      • A logical man says:

        Do you really believe this. what drugs are you on conspiracy idiot so on. There is absolutely no evidence to your theories, not one Rothschild has ever claimed the are in a massive conspiracy , not one central banker will validate these crazy throries,
        There is serious flaws in your arguments, because we can connect dots between individuals does not make it a conspiracy , everyone on this earth is connected within 7 diferent people (7 degree of freedom) . This is a mathematical fact. Correlation does not imply causation

        In criminology it is also a well know fact tha with tevery person you add to a conspiracy the odds of individuals in that conspiracy to confessing to it is exponential.
        Applying that principle to this rothschild conspiracy that you are claiming to the Rothchilds are doing would involve hundreds if not thousands of people being involved The chance that none would come forward well it is 1, in trillions vertually and mathematically impossible .

    • whack-a-mole says:

      Are you joking? Of course it is. Why do you think Goldman Sachs man Mark Carney is the CEO? You need to research more my mate.

      • rhodie110961 says:

        @ Whack a Mole , you`ve been watching too many anonymous videos on You Tube. Mark Carney does not work for Goldman Sachs, he is employed by the Bank of England as a Governor and reports to the government as his employer. I study economics at University so I do a lot of research and know a thing or two about the British economy and how it works. whilst I agree the Rothschilds have control of a fair few central banks, however, the Bank of England is not one of them.

        • whack-a-mole says:

          He did work for goldman before being appointed to run the BOE. Stop being so naive.

          BTW I don’t do anon.

          Studying in uni is not going to give you the truth as to who the major shareholders are. That kind of education is nothing but rinse repeat.

          Tell me who you think owns/are the major shareholders of the BOE. Don’t tell me you think it belongs to the public, please.

          Tell me also how you think all monies got into circulation today.

          • rhodie110961 says:

            He USED to work for Goldman (past tense). Feel free to peruse this site about who owns the Bank of England, As for how money comes into circulation, of course it is through our National Bank… The bank of England.

          • Lasher says:

            Everyone works for the Jewish banks!

          • rhodie110961 says:

            Whack a mole, sorry pal, but the one thing life has taught me is not to argue with an idiot.

          • Lasher says:

            Who taught you to be a name-caller?

          • Lasher says:

            I’ll bet you never argue with yourself, do you, Shlomo?

          • fuck the NWO says:

            100% right whack-a-mole they probably studying at the uni created by the Rothschilds,Rockefellers,Soros families so obviously they won’t tell you what kind of bastards they are…… you may say people which going to uni are smart but education system is created to make a dishwasher from your brain.If you’ll dig deeper you will find connections between queen and the rothschilds family and of course they own Bank of England.We all are sold without our knowledge. Now every single man is responsible to pay debt which is impossible to pay back ….and kids of your kids they will have to pay it as well .Not everyone have open mind,not everyone can take truth as a truth.They love to live in this style so they don’t care ….poor bastards.Hopefully will be more people like you.

          • Eyes wide open says:

            Morons like this make me laugh. He went to Uni, studied Economics! My best mate is one of the top 10 economists in the world, only few has not lost his job in the last financial crisis. He also bankrupted two EU banks while he was in charge! 🙂 Now he is in charge of another EU bank and I got a £1000 bet on it that he will bankrupt that too! Economics do not work in our world as its exists. , its a system created on hallucinations 🙂 Thats the reason certain countries guided by certain family, need to go to war to rebuilt, get control of their resources but most importantly get control of their banking systems. There are only 3 banks do not belong to famous family is Iran, Cuba and N. Korea. They will soon find a reason invade Iran and befriend Cuba as Obama just did and that only left N Korea. I hope we do not see that war in our life time. CBR and Peoples´Bank of China belongs and controlled by this family. I rest my case, if China and Putin is cautious fucking with these people with, it should tell you something. Dont beleive your history, dont beleive the media dont beleive the books you read. One think I have to stress here I do not like the term used here as “Jews” Vast majority of Jews are anti Zionist. Zionism is the term we should use and you dont have to be Jewish to be Zionist. Argument closed.

        • richievallance says:

          The Queen sold all her shares in the pound coin to shares in the two pound coin thus doubling her money…Roth child did own the bank as he tricked everyone into thinking the french won the war but had the fastest couriers on horseback. Anyhow the queen realised this when her father was king and vowed to buy it back of them which she did. And gave it back to her people but doesn’t stop us being indebted to the world bank or imf

        • Lasher says:

          Did your Zionist Jew teacher tell you that?

          • rhodie110961 says:

            Who chucked you a peanut hillbilly

          • Lasher says:

            What is a peanut hillbilly, Shlomo? Is something wrong up there in your snake-infested head?

          • Lasher says:

            The multi-billionaire Jew, Sheldon Adelman just bought a Las Vegas newspaper in order to insure his presidential candidate wins the upcoming Nevada GOP primary. From now until the primary, he will be spouting good things for whomever his candidate is, and spewing poison against all the opponents of his candidate. This is a great example of how these ultra-wealthy Jews manage to manipulate elections and control the outcomes.

        • Lost says:

          Who do you think controls what the Universities teach you?

          Of course Rothschild partly owns the BoE.

          It doesn’t take long away from your textbooks to learn it.

          You’re seriously in the wrong place if you think you can play the degree card here.

          When the revolution comes they’ll be worthless and the truth will be a new truth and you’ll be hiding in a hole with the rest of the Conservatives.

          History and it’s texts are written by the Victors.

        • A logical man says:

          I know Mark Carney and it is bulls**t he is controlled by the Rothchilds! He is a very logical and not some puppet of secret society. He is a ocritical thinker who uses mathematically proven economic models to make decisions on monetary policy. The goal of which is creating stability in the financial markets for the common good. If wanting stability in financial markets is a conspiracy then he is guilty, but there is nothing nefarious in that.

        • Peter Soames says:

          You are wrong logical man! Almost every country in the world has a privately owned central bank! It’s not just the Rothschilds, there are a few other families also , warburgs. morgans, schiffs etc!
          Google Rothschild quotes! One of them admitted that he “controlled the British money supply”!
          They don’t teach you this in school I’m sure!

    • Lasher says:

      How do you know?

  3. Silence Calmed says:

    The only money that the jews do not own! is IRAN”S MONEY! that is why the USA Wants to bomb the shit out of Iran. Remember! USA Works strictly for israel’s best interest.

    • Callie Mocke says:

      and now iran is also history ..their gold transferred via the AU and the South African reserve to London ..the only gold that was given back to the Iranian people was the gold that Gaddffi gave to the ANC for save keeping ..well that is the rumour on ground level .some off Irans gold was also used by maria ramos as surety to barkleys for the African bank fiasco..and it will be worthwhile to check on this rumour ..maybe it was paid back in the interim . remember that mrs zuma was not elected the first round as chairperson of the AU ..only when the CIA did their thing in north Africa were she elected and also then not without controversy …

      • Silence Calmed says:

        Are you saying that the jwes own Iran all ready? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Fuckkkkkkkkkkkk! No more sovereign countries on this world. We are all slaves to the jews!

    • McKinley says:

      Any country that is not part of the joo banking system gets the Afghanistan, Iraq, Lybia, Taiwan and Iran treatment.

    • Mahomed Saleem Moorad says:

      but then, PLS dont forget that the Shia sect is a Jewish creation. the Shia are NOT muslims(their fundamental beliefs are waaay different from the rest of the musims around the world)- . the bond between Iran & the Zionists is VERY strong but to fool the masses, they have created a fake animosity between them. Again, beware of falling into the trap about Iran.

    • Agent says:

      @Silenced Calmed: The Jews also controlled the US. The Federal Reserve is Jew’s owned. There is not many sovereign countries. left.
      The New World Order envisioned by the chosen people is already here at the feet !!

  4. Tyrelle Apuusa says:

    None of the banks has a clickable link. Also, you have provided no evidence to support your claims. Do you ever plan to? Just saying they are Rothschild owned banks, doesn’t prove they are. Thanks.

    • Lasher says:

      Your saying they don’t own them doesn’t mean they don’t, either.

      • scottmercer says:

        The article author is the one making assertions, so they’re the one that must provide proof.

        • Lasher says:

          Okay, if you think you are right, live with it, but why don’t you explore the world of research yourself? I don’t have to prove reality, I just point it out. Believe it or not. If you are curious, you will. I don’t think you have the intellectual curiosity to do the research to find out, and if you do find it is true, you won’t give a rip, so be it.

          • hughsbayou says:

            The burden of proof is on the one making the assertions. That’s basic to any argument. No you don’t have to prove reality, but you do have to prove your assertions as to the nature of reality.

          • Lasher says:

            Translation: “I don’t have the intellectual curiosity or the desire to learn the facts enough to research it in Google, which involves such convoluted abilities as typing the question in and clicking on it. Anyway, if Google validated it, I wouldn’t believe it because I am a victim of life-long Zionist propaganda and “brain”-washing.”

          • medicatedgoo says:

            I’ll believe anything with evidence, but the crazier the claim, the better the evidence needs to be to back it up. What pops up in your mind does not qualify as truth. Racism and paranoia are not evidence.

          • Lasher says:

            Please see my answer to “hughsbayou” above.

          • limn says:

            Come on Lasher. I believe the assertions in this article but many people may not. I’ve read enough articles like this that appear to only be preaching to the choir. Most undecideds will not waste their time scouring the net to find another article that basically makes the same claims. Sources need to be cited otherwise you come across as another bible thumping loon who thinks citing their holy book of innumerous contradictions will suffice to prove whatever point they are trying to make.

    • Mahomed Saleem Moorad says:

      u want a clickable link also? just google the bloody names- u will get links for every one of them

    • Peter Soames says:

      Quote from one of the Rothschilds, about 300 years ago, “I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England, to rule over an Empire on which the sun never sets. The man who controls Britain’s money supply , controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply”
      If it was true back then, it is more true today! Today it’s worldwide control!

  5. The source of the article was listed below: Source: Republic Broadcasting & CSGobe

  6. Claus Meyer says:

    Stupid to check every position in the list. Fact is that this Family were the founder of the Banking System as well as the Stock Exchange about 270 years ago! The human’s greed, ambition and the System of corruption, envy, jealousy and weakness brought this dynasty in this global position. Should this man stand up, who wouldn’t have done the same! As long as the people believe in money, nothing will be changed!

  7. whack-a-mole says:

    No. Next question.

  8. Ron says:

    Bank of England in City of London was taken over by
    Rothschild when the King could not pay back the borrowed gold needed
    to beat Napoleon at Waterloo. Nothing definitive on this back door
    deal between the Baron and the King. But Rothschild spy advised the
    Baron a day sooner than the King got the message of Waterloo.
    Rothschild played the market of Consuls – Bonds – like it was a lose
    to drive market down. Then bought for pennies and rode it the next
    day to 400 times his investment when word hit the market that England
    won. The king couldn’t buy back the overpriced consuls and turned
    over the Bank of England to Rothschild. It is said the Consuls,
    unlike Bonds, never end. In other words the King is still paying for
    Waterloo. The House always wins; the House of Rothschild, that is.

  9. medicatedgoo says:

    It’s always the Jews with you sickos. It’s too bad all you can do is cite your prejudice instead of any evidence. If you are going to write this kind of crap, why not why not include something about the jews ritually sacrificing babies, so the less critical thinking part of your base can get really upset.

    • Lasher says:

      Too bad you Jews are getting exposed for the money bandits you are, old sport, but the jig is about up with your eternal money manipulations. The whole world is becoming educated to your schtick. Too bad, so sad, my lad.

      • Born Conservative says:

        Have to agree with Lasher here. Spouting off like a know-it-all without posting a link of proof to back it up….is nothing more than cognitive disonance….. The Bauer Family (renamed Rothschild, in allegiance with their newfound allegiance to Lucifer) has been an ongoing enterprise since the 1740’s…..well documented and well vetted. They are the only Trillionaires on the Planet…. And they are about to ruin America because many of you sit there and spout off in disbelief…as opposed to checking it by your own research. I think the fact that you might find you have been lied to all your lives….is exactly what stops you. The instant inflection of true depression that you fell for it so easily would have you hating the entire world and your own image in the mirror…..for months…..UNLESS…… You take this Intel and do what the entire “base of the pyramid” should be doing….and that’s uniting to destroy the top of the pyramid.

        Understand this….. NONE of these Countries has to abide by the Rules of Contract that the Rothschilds have put in place. ALL OF THEM can…. Confiscate and nationalize each of their own Banks…en masse…..and there would be very little that the Rothshcild Family could do about it….other than send their HESSIANS to obliterate each Leader until everyone kneels before them all over again…..OR….Pending they were to pull such a move….make sure they send out their own hit squads to wipe out the Rothschild Family entirely….and anyone who defends this nonsense of evil……

      • Agent says:

        As history went. Year 1118, the 7 Knights Templar disguised as christians (to protect pilgrims) in Jerusalem was able to retrieve large amount of gold under the then demolished temple of Solomon. This gold was the financial source and the initial creation of international bankings…..and then the enslavement of mankind thereafter !!

    • Kevin says:

      No. It isn’t that all Jews are bad. It’s that Zionism is a destructive force, and the Rothschilds are right at the center of it. And how do they get their money? Manipulation, deception, and outright fraud. No one is saying exterminate Jews. The point is, crooks control the world’s financial markets, governments, and major corporations. This is a problem. The hope is that spreading the word might lead to actions that will help.

    • Lasher says:

      Ever heard of Bohemian Grove, Sport?

  10. SurfinUSA says:

    Tangential to the list of Central Banks that are members of the BIS, the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank (HSBC) served as central banks to Asian and Middle Eastern countries in the 19th century. The BIS was formed in the 1920’s to be the “Central Bank’s” Central Bank. The original role of the BIS was to collect and manage German war reparations after the agreement signed at the Dawes Conference in 1924.

    Central Banks in Europe settled on Basel, Switzerland as its location, partly due to it being located in neutral Switzerland and partly because it is situated so that it has views of both France and Germany. The parties to the Dawes Agreement first met there to set up the reparations. By 1930 Germany has repudiated the war reparations. No countries were willing to go to war to collect the bad debts of the last war.

    The Bankers at the BIS enjoyed their connections and growing power so they expanded their role to oversee monetary transactions between nations. They acted as a clearinghouse where banks could offset liabilities with money on deposit. By the late 30’s the BIS was subservient to the Nazis. This allowed the BIS to convince Hitler to not invade Switzerland as countries would need a central clearinghouse to for purchase payments of the Axis and the Allies. After Hitler invaded the Sudetenland, the Czech minister of finance request that the deposits held by the BIS be sent to the Bank of England for safekeeping. The Polish were already transferring large sums to England. The Czechs were trying to gather their wealth for their anticipated government in exile. The Reichsbank ordered the BIS to ignore the Czechs and to sequester their funds in favor of the Nazis.

    All the Central banks have interlocking directors or close ties through intermediaries. The Rothschild’s holding of the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve (through its controlling interest in Morgan and substantial interests in the banks represented in the formation of the Fed structure at Jekyll Island in 1910) are the genesis of their domination over Central Banks worldwide.

    Given that the Banks worldwide are committed to a policy of monetization of government debt in devaluing each nations’ currency, the paper fiat money will achieve its ultimate value of zero within a short period of time from today. Rothschild’s paper denominated currency will be worthless. There will be a monetary reset with an existing currency or world money put forth backed by some sort of Bretton Wood type agreement with a fractional tie to an ounce of gold. Look for China and East Asia to play a significant role in the real NWO, not the planned order dominated by European interests. The West is played out, broke and insolvent. Life will change economically for us in radical ways over the next 20 years. (BTW- I write this opinions and the story of modern banking as a person who “survived” a career in commercial and consumer banking, leasing and trade finance.) If interested in the HSBC story check out file:///C:/Users/Gary/Downloads/120607-hsbc-brief-history.pdf

  11. David says:

    check out “The World Order” by Eustace Mullins check his name in youtube you will learn more …

  12. Jivko Jeliazkov says:

    Source please. The Republic Broadcasting link does not work:

    Page not found

    We’re sorry, but we can’t find the page that you’re looking for. Perhaps searching will help.

  13. Sumit Grover says:

    So, the list already has the names of central banks of Cuba and Iran. Have they fallen already? Is north Korea Best Korea? Where do i find the source for this. anyone could make a list on the internet and claim anything. i want real proof. may be a link to the rothschild website stating majority claim in these banks?

  14. Why you need to debate for the legitimacy of this documents publish? It is proven in the history of WW1 and WW2, the crisis of Monopoly Capitalism ‘Imperialism’! The most potential facts and evidences will be dealt on your country America… You are the instruments of Terrorism. You will be paid for your crimes against the people of the world!

  15. The Rothschilds also got “breeding rights” to the royal family at that time. Lord Chancellor Greg Hallet has written about this

  16. Peggy Gordon says:

    They do not have anything to do with Irelands central bank and Financial authority

  17. gav smith says:

    You need to prove they own these central banks. Just saying it doesnt make it true. The bank of england is nationalised therefore owned by the government.NOT the Rothchilds. You need to back your claims up with proof.

  18. M. A. Soomro says:

    How come State Bank of Pakistan is a Rotshchild owned bank? It’s purely owned by State of Pakistan and none of the private Persons or companies.

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