Doctors Who Discovered CANCER Enzymes In Vaccines All Found MURDERED!

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  1. James Peters says:

    Dr. Nobuto Yamamoto discovered and characterised this. I know his main hypothesis is that the production of nagalase by cancer cells blocks GcMAF and this mechanism helps tumours evade the immune system. However other independent researchers have found no differences in the level of this in people who are healthy or have cancer Also the NAGA gene codes for nagalase, but it is rarely mutated in any type of cancer.

    He sold all his patents to an Israeli company (Efranat) who are conducting a Phase I trial They have published some early data from it One of the main reasons they got enough investment was due to the results in dogs they treated who all had spontaneous tumours

    First Immune/Immuno Biotech which are based in Guernsey were founded by Dr. Marco Ruggiero and David Noakes. When Efranat brought a vial that allegedly contained the molecule they couldn’t find any when it was tested Far more worrying is the fact that when the MHRA raided another of First Immune’s facilities they found it wasn’t up to GMP standards and was unlicensed. The blood plasma starting material being used to make this stated: ”Not to be administered to humans or used in any drug products.”

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