Finally: List of 80 People With as Much Money as 1/2 of Humanity

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  1. Nylreg Serrano Garcia says:

    Still not happy with the list,,, where are the Rockerfellers, Rothschilds, Morgans and some others?

    • David Chu says:

      Those are the Trillionaires who don’t get listed on Forbes list for some reasons . . .

      • Because those are the people actually controlling the economy and impacting class war. It’s taboo to mention them and if you’re involved in financing and media, mentioning them could be dangerous.

        • suqcid says:

          Could it be that their money is officially scattered all over the world through corporations, trust funds, banks, gold etc., so there is no official way to find out the real numbers? But I even doubt people on that level operate in terms of “money” like we do.

  2. ICFubar says:

    Odd, my list has names like the Rockefellers, Rothschilds and Schiffs on it not the nouveau riche like the Gates and Kochs, paupers as they are in comparison.

  3. rltmlt says:

    Rupert Murdoch near the bottom, it seems that the temple of Rightwing Extremism is far more effective as a propaganda tool that a wealth generator for it’s owner !

    • Bill the eighth says:

      How about the far left radical extremism? You forgot George Soros, Bill Gates (who is on the list), the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, etc. I also note, most of the people on the list are far left fanatics. Give up your false left / right nonsense, wake up and realize it is us against ALL of them.

  4. FreeYourMindinSC says:

    Interesting list, but adding my voice to those wondering where David Rockefeller Sr. is, or Jamie Dimon (JP Morgan Chase). Or Evelyn Rothschild whose family is supposed to be worth trillions.

    • Dave says:

      Jacob Rothschild too. These guys run the planet.

      • Marcel M. Pfister says:

        It’s more than obvious that you guys have no clue. The era of the JP Morgans or the Rothschilds are long gone. Time to free yourself of your idiotic anti-semitism and move on to the new realities.

        • Dave says:

          ^ LOL! These families run the banking industry which has more wealth than all other industries combined. Do the math Will Hunting.

          • aidanjt says:

            Most of the wealth banks manage belongs to everyone else, including the central banks run by governments. It doesn’t mean they own the wealth as companies, much less the management and stockholders. They do really well, usually, anyway, but they’re hardly the hyperwealthy you make them out to be. And there’s nothing in the way of public records which show the legacy banking elite to be in the same class, much less greater, as those within our notable billionaire class listed above.

          • Dave says:

            Sadly, you are wrong. Banks can totally take whatever funds that are in accounts in their bank to cover their own debts and there is nothing we can do about it. It is called a bail in. Look it up and educate yourself.

          • aidanjt says:

            The money being an asset they can use doesn’t change the fact that it’s also a liability they owe to account holders and creditors. They don’t own it.

          • Dave says:

            In fact in a bail in scenario they do. Why don’t you go look for yourself? You are wrong. Educate yourself.

          • Dave says:

            And how did that work in Germany after the first world war? Exactly.

        • Dead says:

          OH Man…
          Needed a good laugh! TY

        • brian nunziato says:

          You are completely clueless… The Rothschilds could buy ALL those people.

          • Marcel M. Pfister says:

            Really? How do you know? I bet you read it on the back of matchbox. What a heap of absolute nonsense. Get a life !

          • brian nunziato says:

            I do this thing called RESEARCH… Go fuck yourself, Dickstain.

          • Marcel M. Pfister says:

            Yeah, right, Brian Nunziato. Research is what you call this? Got a degree in Googleology? What a heap of absolute idiocy.

          • brian nunziato says:

            I can’t believe how stupid you are. Research is how you find truth. Something you know NOTHING about if you support the Koch family and their nazi ways. You’re dismissed.

          • Marcel M. Pfister says:

            You’re a fucking idiot, Brian Nunziato, for believing in this garbage. As if you had any idea about “research”. Dropping words such as “Koch” and “Nazi” doesn’t make you any smarter. If anything, it disqualifies you. Major fail.

        • acudoc1949 says:

          Anti-semitism? You brought the topic up, bud.

        • Lol Marcel, mentioning Rotheschild isn’t Anti-Sematic, though it IS true that mentioning the Rothschild wealth is taboo today. In the 20th century, there has been a vigorous initiative to keep this name out of the history books, media, and public attention in general. The combined wealth of the Rothschild family still totals roughly 1 Trillion USD and they are easily one of the most powerful families on the planet. This family has financed nations and provided the funding to create Israel. Telling everyone who acknowledges the truth that they are “racist” is absurd.

      • Dave Carter says:

        Get out the tinfoil hats and get ready for the fema camps, the conspiritards are here.

        • Dave says:

          No conspirator here. Facts are facts. Rothschilds started the modern banking industry hundreds of years ago. Trillionaires for sure. Hell, they did the first big investment scam. Look up Rothschild Napoleon connection. Criminals.

          • Dave Carter says:

            From their secret underground bunkers in the center of the earth no doubt. Pulling the strings of everything. Man you’re so smart.

          • My2Cents says:

            The only ones spouting that “crazy conspiracy nonsense” about tin foil hats and secret bunkers at the center of the earth and whatnot… is, well, only you. Thanks for making it so easy to spot your obvious trolling/shilling, though. Saves me and others a lot of time having to read any more of your comments, though, so thanks for that. Cheers.

          • Dave Carter says:

            what a scary sad world you must live in where secret societies run the world. I’m sorry for you because you’re pathetic.

          • My2Cents says:

            I am far less pathetic than your “arguments”… You have nothing to contribute but bile. And for the record, the world is scary and sad, and anyone who says otherwise is a delusional fool, a liar, or a salesman. It is neither a conspiracy nor pathetic to point out that richer more powerful people than those listed exist and belong on the list. Everything you’ve said is verifiable bullshit, and we can all see it. Your tactics are pointless here. Scumbag.

          • My2Cents says:

            I love it when they use ad hominem! It’s like crying, “Oh, yeah??? Well, I can’t think any harder so you’re a loser!”

            Remember kids, if you have no facts to back you up, just call them names… That’ll show them who has the better argument. (It sure will.)

          • Dave says:

            Keep your day job, your attempt at humour is weak Dave. Stick to the points. They started the banking industry, pulled off one of the greatest investing scams in England. Give your head a shake. You are wrong, face it. I am not sure why you are supporting Rothschilds and Rockefellers, I know in Canada Harper pays shills like you to spread his BS message so maybe they pay guys like you to do the same.

        • Steven Berge says:

          There was one conspiracy theorist who said (paraphrasing) ” there is a power so complete and pervasive that the most powerful men dare not speak openly about it”. But it was just president Wilson.

    • shayneo says:

      The rotchschild empire lost most of its money during the war and never really recovered. Despite what the tin-foil hat brigade would have you think, they haven’t been anything other than bit players at best ever since. The world has moved on from that world to the pax american era of your JP morgans and Goldman Saches.

      • Dave says:

        Sorry but when you START the banking industry, you never become a bit player.

        • shayneo says:

          The banking industry goes back LONG before the rothschilds. Heck theres references in the old testament to it, and we know the egyptians had a state treasury system.

          • Dave says:

            Face it, they started the modern banking system as it is now. They are worth trillions of $.

          • Their worth is debatable because money is easy to hide. Some say a mere 400 billion, but regardless, they CONTROL trillions regardless of what can be liquidated as personal assets

    • they belong to another list :
      List of 3 People (Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan ) With as Much Money as top 80 Billionaires (stated above) LeL

  5. OutTheFed says:

    As most so far have noted, the heads of the beast are excluded. Luckily, the fish rots from the head on down…and history is surly repeating (awakening). Get out the popcorn and enjoy the show…the GREATEST yet EVER, shortly playing in a reality near you!

  6. Marc Veilleux says:

    This list doesn’t mean anything if we don’t know the precise criterion of Oxfam and Forbes to determine wealth. And those who have the most influence on politics are not necessarily those that owns the most wealth; also it is possible to hide wealth in many different ways! But above all, one must not forget the «Prince of this world» … who controls all the wealth and gives it to whom he wishes! But of course, God can always intervene when the people are repenting from their sins as they did in Niniva after the preaching of Jonah.

  7. trapperjohn10 says:

    All of these people are beggars compared to the amount of wealth that is controlled by the Vatican.

    • Liza Yellowbird says:

      The Vatican is an institution, this is a list of individuals, you fucking moron.

      • trapperjohn10 says:

        I will choose not to respond in kind Liza. Why someone uses that kind language on a Christian website is beyond me. My point is that you can list all of these individuals that you want, Real power and influence come from coordinated groups like the Vatican, the British royal family, and the Rothschild dynasty. . Therse people are not just holders of obscene wealth, they also have long term agendas. I could care less if someone has a lot of money, as long as they earned it honestly. But these people use their money to get more power over everybody else..

  8. David Mowers says:

    Capitalism in America means poor people stay poor and rich people get bailed out so they stay in power and get to make the rules forever.

    Yeah, that’s “freedom.”

    • HLMunchkin says:

      In the meantime in between time ain’t we got fun

    • rhodie110961 says:

      And every now and again someone gets thrown a tiny little scrap off the end of the crust, which every one else rejoices in and call it the American dream…..Meanwhile, the Rothchilds laugh and laugh some more.

      • David Mowers says:

        I love listening to Fox News talking heads whose salaries start a four hundred grand a year but got as high as 10-15 million talk about how great America is and how much opportunity there is.

        How everyone else is just a jealous loser not willing to work as, “hard,” as they are, “working,” for the whole hour a day they talk about how great they are.

  9. Dead says:


  10. Eddy says:

    Where is the British Royalty in this list ? Why have they not been included ? After all LONDON is allegedly the banking capitol of the World, yet according to this list, not on Brit makes it ? Highly unblieveable.

  11. David Chu says:

    It would be a lot more interesting to note who the Jews are on this list!

  12. Eye Spy says:

    How many of em are of Khazar origin. it seems most of them are. So is this an anti Semitic comment? Not at all because I am not referring to any real Semites. I am referring to those Europeans posing as ‘Jews’.

  13. Eye Spy says:


  14. Liza Yellowbird says:

    Bernie Sander’s meme: the man who loves to misuse statistics and make no sense.

  15. ChronDawg420 says:

    Lists are neat and all, but what’s the point? The system has always been rigged by the rich and nothing less than radical reform will change that, which makes this nothing more than wealth porn. Giggity!

  16. Family, not clan, and more than that 😛

  17. VEN sceptic 3000 says:

    #23 Aliko Dangote $25 Nigeria ✓ Spam mails

  18. Rigor Mortis says:

    This is a complete LIE! I don’t see a single banker here! And even my son knows where the money realy are.

  19. MasterC says:

    Yup, was just gonna say then saw your post

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