She Fooled Us: Organic-Lover Oprah Winfrey Now Supports Monsanto

How could one of the most outspoken supporters of organic foods suddenly take money from one of the most hated food companies in the communities which most support organic foods? We really thought Oprah Winfrey was with us and against them. According to recent findings, we were wrong.

It evidently all comes down to the all-powerful dollar.   Oprah is not stupid when it comes to financial choices.  She is very powerful financially.  And frankly, she has a stake in the whole organic movement, as owner of an organic farm in Maui.  She has trademarked “Oprah’s Organics.”  Now she stands accused of accepting money from Monsanto, the oft-voted “Most Evil Company in the World.”


The Institute for Responsible Technology has posted on their Facebook page that Winfrey will be running an ad form Monsanto in 2015.  Other activists have posted ads that have already run in “O” magazine.  The ad features a happy, multi-ethnic blend of families meeting at the dinner table.  It is from the company’s newly created multi-million dollar campaign to encourage discussion of genetically modified foods and the responsibility to feed the world in a sustainable manner.


Because Oprah’s magazine has previously spoken out about labeling GMO’s as such and the potential health risks from GMO’s, the decision to run the ad has angered many in the organic and GMO-free movement.  The Institute for Responsible Technology is hoping to help Oprah understand the error of her ways and get her to pull the advertisement before additional damage is done.  Hopefully the ad will not reach the adoring masses that follow Miss O and every suggestion she makes.

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12 Responses

  1. Jock Doubleday says:

    Heartless scum! If you support Monsanto in any way, you might as well just get a tattoo on your forehead that says SATAN.

  2. Raybird says:

    I like how they chose a picture with her an Obama cuz of the political things going on he is trusted less and they are to pot a picture of the two of them so it will have that effect on Oprah. Is sad though that she is selling out her followers for profit. I thought she was the one tv star that really cared to make a difference. Like she needs more money…evil!!

  3. Shalove2 says:

    The only people who should complain are those who subscribe to her magazine. If you do not get a paid copy of O than shut up. If you’re not supporting her interest who will.
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  4. Shalove2 says:

    Do you think the publishers of every magazine agrees politically with every advertiser in their books.

  5. damspam says:

    Disgusting. Truly disgusting.

  6. Amanda Bedgood says:

    who did she ‘fool’? Anyone with half a brain that really knows what’s up knows she’s a high witch so her supporting Monsanto is a no brainer…

  7. Fred D. Jr Woodberry says:

    Farms in Maui were always Organic,before Oprah,Volcanic ash?????

  8. Bluesky02 says:

    You must be blind to think that Oprah Winfrey was a good person, supporting Humanity. Oprah was always another tool for the Globalist. Whatever she does that seems good has a twisted truth behind it. For example, Eckhart Tolle. Do you know why Ophra supported him so thoroughly? Not because of money butbecause Eckhart Tolle promotes the White Light heavily. Oprah is a very smart social engineer, she knows that the white light after death is the reincarnation trap that wipe out your soul memory and inject you into another womb so that you could be reborn and never be free from this matrix.

  9. Bonnie Rourke says:

    What is Monsanto doing to get these people to change their minds? Bill Nye has come out saying Monsanto is not all bad.

  10. Max Benser says:

    “Monsanto and the other leaders in promoting GE crops—Dow, Dupont, Syngenta and Bayer—are all chemical companies that make tens of billions of dollars in profits by selling ever more pesticides, especially herbicides. Why would they spend hundreds of millions of research dollars and then billions in advertising and lobbying to promote crops that actually “reduce pesticides” and thereby destroy their bottom line?

    Are these companies committing economic suicide in an altruistic attempt to feed the world? Obviously not. You can accuse Monsanto of many things, including myriad corporate crimes over many decades, but altruism is not one of them. As my organization and many others have scientifically demonstrated many times to a deaf media, the vast majority of GMOs are not designed to decrease herbicide use but to massively increase it.

    More than 90% of US corn, soy, cotton, and sugar beets have been genetically engineered to withstand massive doses of the toxic herbicides these companies make, and profit from. Normally care has to be taken using herbicides because they kill not just weeds but anything green, including the crops they come into contact with. But with these herbicide tolerant crops large-scale operations can even conduct aerial spraying of their fields with these herbicides and the weeds die but the crops survive.

    Because of GE crops, each year, more than 100 million more pounds of Roundup are used on America’s croplands each year. These toxic chemicals pollute our water and air, kill wildlife and native plants and threaten the very survival of the monarch butterfly and other species. In 2015, the World Health Organization’s research arm found that the active ingredient in Roundup is a “probable carcinogen.” So for Monsanto and the other chemical companies, genetically engineering crops is just another way to significantly increase profits. They sell the seeds and the poisons sprayed on those seeds. Great for their bottom line, terrible for the rest of us and the planet.”

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