George W. Bush & Brother Jeb Bush, Caught on Videotape “PICKING UP KILIOS OF COCAINE” In 1985

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8 Responses

  1. SirLizard says:

    What are “kilios”?

  2. David Howard says:

    Google “The FBI polygraphers will clean-up this mess”

  3. David Howard says:

    Google “Tom Cruise pedophile”

  4. pacman925 says:

    CIA Drug run’s are still happening today !
    && No One allowed to speak about it in public !!

  5. How did you think the Jews made their wealth people? its not like us goyim starting up a business to make some money.. these Jews have been killing, plundering countries and nations, looting their economies, drug, child, sex, slave running for centuries. They even run the animal poaching for their China ivory trade and medicines. You name it, the jews run it..

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