ISIS is Working on Mossad/CIA Plan to Create Greater Israel – VIDEO

Are Zionists scheming the build of “Greater Israel” by the demolition of Syria”



The Plan :

According to U.S General Wesley, who was interviewed by Amy Goodman on 2nd March 2007, it was made utterly clear by Wesley that Bush Administration had a strong 5 year plan to demolish 7 countries of the Middle East which include Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran.

Ken O’Keefe intricates the key points of “The Greater Israel Project:

The concept of “The Greater Israel Project” as explained by Ken is directly linked to balkanization of it’s neighboring countries in order to destabilize the synchronization in between them. Balkanization refers to the process of division or fragmentation of different regions on the basis of geopolitics. The main players of this game are always the bankers, who always keep people choked with their debits and keep themselves jam-packed with money. The continuous drainage of money from general public by these psychopath bankers keeps them always in a continuous flow of money forever. This moneyphillia has made the officials of all the Governments of the world as puppets of bankers and none of the Government systems are able to do anything unless it’s agreed by bankers.

Humiliation and abolition of Hard Talk Host by Norman Finkelstein on Israel:

Well known Hard talk host was taught real hard talking lesson by Norman Finkelstein and she will regret talking hard with Norman for sure. This hard talk anchor supporting IsraHell faced the rage of Norman over conflict of IsraHell and Palestine. It was obviously going to go down for the hard talk host because Norman Finkelstein has dedicated all of his life and his Doctorate Degree in the resolution of Palestine and Israel conflict.

Hand of ISIS Behind Greater Israel’s plot:

This is the chief ingredient of disturbance which has resulted in the huge refugee crisis.

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