It’s Not Only Putin Who Suspects US Already Arming Ukraine

By Aaron Nelson for

(ANTIMEDIA ) – Russian president Vladimir Putin has accused the US and other European allies of already arming Ukraine’s military. He may have a point. As it turns out, this is not the first time such a claim has been tossed out there.

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Still, Putin believes that last week’s emergency peace talks between Germany, France, Ukraine and Russia can provide a long-term solution to the crisis, ending the bloodshed of Ukraine’s civil war.

Even as far back as last May we can find media reports from Germany accusing US private security firm Academi (formerly Blackwater) of sending 400 mercenaries to Kiev to help the Ukrainian military with operations against southeast Ukraine. The Bild am Sonntag newspaper wrote that the German Intelligence Service confirmed that Academi employees were working alongside Ukraine’s military, but it was not clear who was paying for their services.

“According to our data, weapons are already being supplied [to Kiev],” Putin said at a press conference following his meeting with the Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban.

“The vast majority of soldiers serving in the Ukrainian army have no motivation to participate in an internecine conflict away from home, while the Donbass militia have every reason to defend their families.”

Ukrainian president Poroshenko has warned of martial law across Ukraine if the Minsk agreement is broken, despite a threat by Right Sector to disrupt the ceasefire. The group’s leader, Dmitry Yarosh, declared on Facebook last week that he will continue waging war against the ‘terrorists‘, with or without the Ukrainian military by his side.

According to MilitaryTimes.ccm, last June the US announced it was sending a ‘small team of American military advisers‘ to Kiev while US officials met with senior Ukrainian officials to discuss “ways our countries could strengthen our long-term defense cooperation to help Ukraine build highly effective armed forces and defense institutions.”

Additionally, last month a video went viral which appeared to show an American on the ground working with Ukrainian soldiers.  In the video, a Ukrainian journalist approaches a group of men dressed in Ukrainian military uniforms and asks in Ukrainian, “Tell me, what happened here?” to which one of the men dressed in Ukrainian military gear responds in flawless American English, “Out of my face! Out of my face, please.”

You can watch it for yourself below:

On Tuesday the UN Security Council voted unanimously to approve a resolution supporting the Minsk peace deal. The Russian-drafted resolution calls for a “total ceasefire” and a “political solution” that also respects the “sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine”.

No casualties were reported after a giant explosion was reported to hit a building believed to house the Odessa office of a pro-Maidan group, and no one was killed during a shelling filmed by an RT crew at the Donetsk airport on Tuesday. According to the latest reports on the ground, Donbass forces surrounded Ukrainian soldiers in the city of Debalstevo.

Today, President Poroshenko announced a complete withdrawal of government forces from the city.

I have no doubt that a decision on the possible delivery of arms to Ukraine will be approved both by the United States and by our other partners,”- Petro Poroshenko

Why is Ukrainian president Poroshenko (and Ron Paul) so confident that the US will be supplying Ukraine with weapons? Could it be that they’ve already been receiving US help against Donbass? Many times what one accuses their enemy of doing, is actually what they’re already guilty of doing themselves.

Do you think the US is already arming Ukraine’s military, or is Putin bluffing?

By Aaron Nelson for

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