John Kerry Admits Building #7 Was A Controlled Demolition

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  1. Lynn says:

    Everybody knows this! I believe is was a few days later though. Not 8 hours! The building was deemed to be not structurally sound next door along with damage to 7 WTC. They decided to take them down. Smart move. That’s the problem with conspiracy theorists. They will grab the tail of anything.

    • pacman says:

      Lynn — I have some great beach coast land in Mar’s & a great, special deal for You……………

      THE TOP 40

      … An outline in simple talking points …

      We are continuing to compile the best documentation links for every single point on this page, and intend to post the updated version as soon as possible, and create teaching tools and more from the info. This is a significant and time-consuming process–if you have useful links, please send them to janice[at]911truth[dot]org. Thanks for your help!
      If you use the search function with title key words, you will discover that is home to articles backing virtually every point made below. Much of the basic research is available at the Complete 9/11 Timeline (hosted by, the 9/11 Reading Room (, and the NY Attorney General Spitzer petition and complaint ( For physical evidence discussion, see Point 7.


      1) AWOL Chain of Command
      a. It is well documented that the officials topping the chain of command for response to a domestic attack – George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Richard Myers, Montague Winfield, Ralph Eberhart – all found reason to do something else during the actual attacks, other than assuming their duties as decision-makers.
      b. Who was actually in charge? Dick Cheney, Richard Clarke, Norman Mineta and the 9/11 Commission directly conflict in their accounts of top-level response to the unfolding events, such that several (or all) of them must be lying.

      2) Air Defense Failures
      a. The US air defense system failed to follow standard procedures for responding to diverted passenger flights.
      b. Timelines: The various responsible agencies – NORAD, FAA, Pentagon, USAF, as well as the 9/11 Commission – gave radically different explanations for the failure (in some cases upheld for years), such that several officials must have lied; but none were held accountable.
      c. Was there an air defense standdown?

      3) Pentagon Strike
      How was it possible the Pentagon was hit 1 hour and 20 minutes after the attacks began? Why was there no response from Andrews Air Force Base, just 10 miles away and home to Air National Guard units charged with defending the skies above the nation”s capital? How did Hani Hanjour, a man who failed as a Cessna pilot on his first flight in a Boeing, execute a difficult aerobatic maneuver to strike the Pentagon? Why did the attack strike the just-renovated side, which was largely empty and opposite from the high command?

      4) Wargames
      a. US military and other authorities planned or actually rehearsed defensive response to all elements of the 9/11 scenario during the year prior to the attack – including multiple hijackings, suicide crashbombings, and a strike on the Pentagon.
      b. The multiple military wargames planned long in advance and held on the morning of September 11th included scenarios of a domestic air crisis, a plane crashing into a government building, and a large-scale emergency in New York. If this was only an incredible series of coincidences, why did the official investigations avoid the issue? There is evidence that the wargames created confusion as to whether the unfolding events were “real world or exercise.” Did wargames serve as the cover for air defense sabotage, and/or the execution of an “inside job”?

      5) Flight 93
      Did the Shanksville crash occur at 10:06 (according to a seismic report) or 10:03 (according to the 9/11 Commission)? Does the Commission wish to hide what happened in the last three minutes of the flight, and if so, why? Was Flight 93 shot down, as indicated by the scattering of debris over a trail of several miles?


      6) Did cell phones work at 30,000 feet in 2001? How many hijackings were attempted? How many flights were diverted?

      7) Demolition Hypothesis
      What caused the collapse of a third skyscraper, WTC 7, which was not hit by a plane? Were the Twin Towers and WTC 7 brought down by explosives? (See “The Case for Demolitions,” the websites and, and the influential article by physicist Steven Jones. See also items no. 16 and 24, below.)


      8) What did officials know? How did they know it?
      a. Multiple allied foreign agencies informed the US government of a coming attack in detail, including the manner and likely targets of the attack, the name of the operation (the “Big Wedding”), and the names of certain men later identified as being among the perpetrators.
      b. Various individuals came into possession of specific advance knowledge, and some of them tried to warn the US prior to September 11th.
      c. Certain prominent persons received warnings not to fly on the week or on the day of September 11th.

      9) Able Danger, Plus – Surveillance of Alleged Hijackers
      a. The men identified as the 9/11 ringleaders were under surveillance for years beforehand, on the suspicion they were terrorists, by a variety of US and allied authorities – including the CIA, the US military”s “Able Danger” program, the German authorities, Israeli intelligence and others.
      b.Two of the alleged ringleaders who were known to be under surveillance by the CIA also lived with an FBI asset in San Diego, but this is supposed to be yet another coincidence.

      10) Obstruction of FBI Investigations prior to 9/11
      A group of FBI officials in New York systematically suppressed field investigations of potential terrorists that might have uncovered the alleged hijackers – as the Moussaoui case once again showed. The stories of Sibel Edmonds, Robert Wright, Coleen Rowley and Harry Samit, the “Phoenix Memo,” David Schippers, the 199i orders restricting investigations, the Bush administration”s order to back off the Bin Ladin family, the reaction to the “Bojinka” plot, and John O”Neil do not, when considered in sum, indicate mere incompetence, but high-level corruption and protection of criminal networks, including the network of the alleged 9/11 conspirators. (Nearly all of these examples were omitted from or relegated to fleeting footnotes in /11 Commission Report.)

      11) Insider Trading
      a. Unknown speculators allegedly used foreknowledge of the Sept. 11th events to profiteer on many markets internationally – including but not limited to “put options” placed to short-sell the two airlines, WTC tenants, and WTC re-insurance companies in Chicago and London. See Billions in Pre-911 Insider Trading Profits Leaves a Hot Trail and Criminal Insider Trading leads directly to CIA.
      b. Initial reports on these trades, such as Profiting from Disaster and Suspicious Trading, were suppressed and forgotten, and only years later did the 9/11 Commission and SEC provide a partial, but untenable explanation for only a small number of transactions (covering only the airline put options through the Chicago Board of Exchange).
      c. In addition, suspicious monetary transactions worth hundreds of millions were conducted through offices at the Twin Towers during the actual attacks. The German firm, Convar, recovered financial data from hard drives recovered from Ground Zero although the Commission published this FBI briefing on trading in which agents expressed a lack of knowledge and doubt about the data recovery long after the data was transmitted to the FBI. Here is an update on Oh the places you go (when you follow the money).
      d. See this interview with Bill Bergman who worked at the Chicago Federal Reserve for over 13 years as an economist and financial markets policy analyst. He was fired when he raised concerns about unusual currency transactions pre- 9-11.

      12) Who were the perpetrators?

      • Keith says:

        As a member of the Air Force at the time, I can address the stand down thing. You can’t stand down that which is not stood up. The Air Force permanently stood down armed alert aircraft in the wake of the collapse of the USSR.

        And having been to crash sites of much smaller aircraft that did the lawn dart maneuver, debris would be scattered for a great distance from the site of impact.

    • complicitmsm says:

      Are you kidding me? It would take months to rig the place for a controlled demo, not four hours. OMG are you serious or what?

    • Keith says:

      Actually WTC 7 came down, around 5 PM the day of the attacks.

    • TheRajLOSAngeles says:

      You didn’t even bother to look at the time Building 7 fell before making the comment; then had the nerve to criticize “conspiracy theorists?” See that’s the problem with morons. They’ll comment with the self proclaimed confidence of an expert while discounting fact, and they’ll do this without any sense of irony or shame.

    • Justanothergoldbug says:

      Not “fews days later”… same afternoon

    • Fool2242 says:

      Sorry Lynn you are wrong! Did you actually go and do some research or did you just blindly believe the news.
      The BBC reported ~20 minutes before the supposed demolition of Building 7 that the building had fallen. At approximately 5:21 on the 11th of September 2001 WTC building 7 collapsed into its own footprint!
      Larry Silverstein said he gave the order to pull the building. Official reports are that the few little fires that had broken out in building 7 brought the building down.
      Go and speak to a demolition expert and they will tell you that demolishing a building takes a lot longer to set up than 8 hours! Nor is it feasible to place explosives in a burning building. Then there is the fact, who would place explosives in a building if it was structurally unsafe?
      Do you know what building 7 was used for and by whom? You probably should check it out before making anymore of your assumptions!
      It’s pretty obvious you have not done any independent research or even listen to the video above.

      Perhaps you should look up the definition of conspiracy theory. Perhaps you should look up the CIA’s attempts to discredit and marginalise people who do not believe the official government story since the 1950’s, by using the term conspiracy theory and their efforts to give a negative spin to conspiracy theories.
      You might also like to look up all the true conspiracy theories that have occurred?
      I am sure Architects and Engineers of 9/11 just grab the tail of anything – lol
      I have a scientific background, so NO I do not just grab the tail of any ideas.
      You might also like to do some research on the Mas Media in contemporary societies.
      But first you would have top actually open your mind…

      I could be equally insulting to you and say that the problem with the general public is that stupidly believe the media and the official stories to anything and everything regardless of how ridiculous it is!

  2. Jock Doubleday says:

    If you don’t know 9/11 was an inside job by now, you never will, because you don’t care.

  3. stryders57 says:

    it takes weeks even months to set the charges for a drop/pull like that! Premetitation rules in this case.

  4. Justanothergoldbug says:

    Funny how whenever someone mentions WTC7 controlled demolition to a
    politician in public it’s ALWAYS “the first time they have ever heard
    anything about it.”

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