Money Has to Be Taken out of Politics – Christian Bale

(MINDS) On the heels of his new film, The Big Short, in which the housing market collapse of 2008 is portrayed through the eyes of a few that saw it happening on the inside, Bale is convinced:  Take the money out of politics.

Money has to be taken out of politics - Christian Bale

“You know it’s wrong. That it shouldn’t be happening. That it’s stacked against the everyman. It’s this elitist class that is managing to just fleece the rest of America,” he says, then asking “what can be done?”

His question leads him to one answer.  The market crash and, then, subsequent bail-out of the bankers on Wall Street is a political problem in which the financial district has too much influence over the lawmakers passing out tax money.

In an interview with The Daily Beast, Bale explains, “the film can hopefully begin a conversation about: Why the hell is it that only seven years after this crisis happened, it could very well happen again?”

The film follows the experience of four men that realize the market is about to blow and end up shorting, that is, betting that the stocks would collpase.  When the market burst and millions of people lost their homes, these guys walked away multi-millionaires.


Bale as Mike Burry, one of the guys that walked away from the housing bubble burst with $700 million

Bale hopes that the film will spark a dialogue.

“Adam [McKay, the director] managed to make what could be the most boring subject on Earth, make it human, make you understand the consequences, and have you understand that these bastards—of course they want to confuse you, of course they want to talk down to you,” he said.  “The whole point is that they want to make you feel dumb so that you need them. Then they make a fortune, because we feel we couldn’t possibly do what they do. But it’s not about having to know what a bloody credit default swap is, or whatever. It’s about understanding what it does to people.

“In 2008 it was, ‘How could this possibly go back to business as usual?’ And here we are—business as usual,” said Bale. “Sometimes you do a film and start to think it’s more important than it really is, but this one, you know… what if it could really change the game?”

Here is a trailer from The Big Short which also stars Brad Pitt, Steve Carrell and Ryan Gosling

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