Proof George HW Bush Was a CIA Agent Involved In The ASSASSINATION of JFK

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  1. Theoldlady says:

    We just always somehow knew they were lying to us. I remember the day very well and watched it on tv the day it happened.

  2. David Howard says:

    Google “The FBI uses polygraphs to eliminate suspects”

  3. apeman2502 says:

    Again the knowledge that our justice department is an unwelcome burden on American society hits home.

  4. Slappy McGee says:

    You are a bunch of fucking moronic, delusional shit stains. Please do the world a favor and just drink the stuff under your sink!

  5. webheadwilks says:

    Not everything posted on the internet is necessarily true. This is evidence of such.

  6. Richard Sweeney says:

    I hope and pray all those rotten scumbags end up in hell. I absolutely know that people in our own governent killed JFK,RFK, and MLK. And to think that at least two of them have been President Of The United States is so sad. Our country is NOT so wonderful as I was always taught to believe. The rich scum need to be made to pay for all the wrong they have done. Rise up people.

  7. runnerin1 says:

    Outstanding reporting.

  8. Glen Joaks says:

    Prescott Bush despised Joe Kennedy. He thought Kennedy’s promotion of his sons for office was distasteful. Same old “shanty Irish” prejudice of the times.

  9. Collan Neal says:

    The L.A. FBI’s JFK File is too long & convoluted for any single man to totally read! Hell, a team of men would still fail to read the FBI Kennedy File. From its First word, flawlessly, through to it’s Last Word! Educated Guess: Around 500,000,000 full pages! JFK sealed his FATE when he openly indicated there would be NO US POLICE-ACTION/GROUND-WAR in Vietnam. Or, in other words, US APEX CAPITALISTS, or Our WEAPONS/AIRCRAFT/NAVAL AIRCRAFT- CARRIERS/NUCLEAR-SUBMARINES/ U.S. BLACK-BUDGET WEAPONS PRODUCERS. CONTRACTED & PAID by the US GOVERNMENT. MANUFACTURING America’s tip-top 1% MULTI-BILLIONAIRES, or the Men who Started, Fully-Understand. NO-HIGHER PAY-GRADE, Above Classified Clearance, Private-Contractors who’ve Built, Continued, Grew, & Completely Orchestrate America’s Fully In-Tact MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX! Or, that Class of Men who love to hear the cannon ball a roaring. Who’s avarice drove them to the convoluted-conspiracy that culminated in the 100% successful, & still unsolved, assassination of President John F. Kennedy! I don’t know the secret, verifiable details. So, Logic & Human Nature say to blame party with the most to lose. And regardless of how one cuts/views the Vietnam War Economic Pie. The US Military Industrial Complex, which made every successfully contracted weapon, clearly stood the most to gain! US War in Vietnam = US Demand ($$$) for weapons-systems against Vietnam vs. NO WAR = NO MEGA-PROFITS for US private sector’s Arms Industry! So, Kennedy’s assassination was set up. The EXACT Guilty Players are HISTORY! The US Arms Industry is HUGE as ever! And far,far, far from being HISTORY!

  10. WhatMeWorry says:


  11. Mary says:

    I always new LBJ was involved a the government was behind it, but this article sheds a lot more light to it

  12. mbutler91c says:

    Proof that no matter how intelligent some people profess to be, you just can’t fix stupid.

  13. Frank Tillman says:

    Until yesterday I NEVER doubted the 9/11 story,,,, then I found yesterday Marvin Bush was Dubya’s brother and Marvin was in some way connected with the security firm that secured the WTC,
    Prescott was implicated with supporting Hitler

    I am not a 9/11 Truther,,,,,,,,, YET!

  14. Lola Collins says:

    Has anyone seen the articles about Prescott Bush and his Germany/Nazi connection? There are questions that GHW BUSH could be someone else. GEORGE SCHERFF, from Nazi Germany. There are several articles about that. The name TESLA is in the one artcle I read. There is a resemblance between Bush and Scherff, which showed him in a photo with a group of Germans.
    I asked the question, ”Where was GHW BUSH when JFK was killed. I read the article which showed a photo of young GW Bush in Dallas the same day. His Dad had been arrested , and was thought to be in another building when JFK was shot. Dad was questioned by the FBI, but later GHW could NOT RECALL where he was that day, excpet he said he gave a speech in Tyler Texas that day. He had ”friends” who gave alibis.Too many coincidences to be ignored.

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