Rothschild’s 1972 Satanic Ceremony Photos Leaked Online

By: Jacky Murphy

The Rothschilds have very questionable party antics if Marie-Hélène de Rothschild 1972 satanic ceremony is anything to go by. Hosted in a secluded mansion, the photographs have now been leaked be leaked by an unknown source.

The photographs first appeared on Reddit and then YNW. Shortly after the high karma Reddit users mysteriously disappeared offline.


Most Rothschild events and gatherings are highly secretive, so it’s unknown how these pictures could escape the clutches of the banking family. The location was at The Château de Ferrières which is lit up in red, a way for it to appear like a mixture of blood and fire. The location has also been used as the setting for multiple horror movies over the past thirty years.

Have a look at the picture below

Guy de Rothschild

Rothschild new world order

Rothschild evil


Rothschild illuminati

Illuminati club party

Illuminati symbols

Rothschild new world order

Dalí Rothschild

Rothschild illuminati party

Rothschild party

Rothschild new world order

Illuminati party

Illuminati ball

Illuminati party

Illuminati exposed

Illuminati symbols

New world order symbols

Source: YNW

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2 Responses

  1. Andrew Anderson says:

    These photos have been around for years from their Surrealist Ball in ’72. Whether it was a satanist event or not I really don’t know, and I’ll bet you don’t either, so why put a satanist spin on it?

  2. HLA KHINE says:

    i was wondering why put the head of a goat on a lady. Then i realized, BAPHOMET has got BOOBs… LIVING IN WORLD OF ‘MAKE-BELIEVE’…

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