Whistleblower Reveals Antarctica’s Secret History & Elite ET Bloodline Rulers

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4 Responses

  1. Chris Lee says:

    Please tell me no one believes this trash???

    • DrFrank says:

      I would dearly love to tell you that, but then I would love also to tell you there aren’t people who believe in real fairies and leprechauns.

  2. Gerbil says:

    Experts mostly agree that Antarctica was quickly forced into freezing point after a pole shift aproximately 12-13,000 years ago….when one of several Atlantean civiliations was frozen over trapping the alien (preadamites, annunaki) or what ever other names they go by….so i don’t know where you get 60,000 years from. That doesnt coencide with anything !?

  3. reg says:

    only a fool wouldn’t consider it when you look at the military’s presents there…….and secrecy that surrounds it

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